Booked Events - 2018

Performing wedding music at Arlington Hall, a beautiful venue for weddings and events. 

January 6
Aranda/Chinen Ceremony + Cocktail Hour
Event 1013 (Plano, TX)

January 7
Bridal Show
Fashion Show performance w/ McKinley Bridal
January 27
Browne Ceremony + Cocktail Hour
Milestone Mansion (Aubrey, TX)

February 11
Out of office
February 24
Out of office
March 4
Jones Ceremony
March 10
Out of office
March 17
Soule Ceremony
Joule Hotel (Dallas, TX)
March 28
Sawa Ceremony
April 8
Richter Ceremony
April 12
Manuel Ceremony
April 21 @ 6pm
Schulze Ceremony
April 28
Taylor Ceremony
June 2
Blustein Ceremony
Omni Dallas
June 24
Walter Ceremony
The Manderley
July 21
Bella Woods

Wheaton Ceremony
Sept 23
Fletcher/Ross Ceremony
Oct 26
Hailey Ceremony