Booked Events - 2018

Performing wedding music at Arlington Hall, a beautiful venue for weddings and events. 

    March 4
    Jones Ceremony
    NayKashions, Cedar Hill @2:30pm

    March 8
    Scheef Dinner Party
    Dallas @7:30pm

    March 10
    Bice Wedding*

    March 17
    Soule Ceremony
    Joule Hotel (Dallas, TX) @ 5:30pm

    March 18
    Stanley Ceremony
    Dallas, TX @ noon

    March 23
    Sawa Ceremony
    Stone Oak Ranch Murchison TX @5:30pm

    March 30-April 1
    Out of Town

    April 8
    Richter Ceremony
    Dallas Arboretum's Crepe Myrtle Alley @ 6pm

    April 12
    Manuel Ceremony
    Avalon Legacy Ranch, McKinney

    April 21
    Schulze Ceremony
    Wildwood Inn, Denton @ 6pm

    April 28
    Taylor Ceremony
    The Orchard, Azle @ 6:30pm

    May 31
    Wirtzberger Ceremony
    Brik Venue Ft. Worth @ 5:30pm

    June 2
    Blustein Ceremony
    Omni Dallas @ 6pm

    June 9
    Horstman Collaboration Wedding

    June 14
    Scheef Dinner Party
    Dallas @ 7:30pm

    June 23
    Fletcher/Ross Ceremony
    The Laurel, Dallas @Evening

    June 24
    Walter Ceremony
    The Manderley

    July 21
    Bella Woods
    Wheaton Ceremony

    August 11
    Logsdon Ceremony + Cocktail
    Las Colinas Country Club @5pm

    August 25
    Francis Ceremony + Cocktail
    Lonestar Mansion @5:30pm

    Sept 1

    Sept 13
    Scheef Dinner Party
    Dallas @ 7:30pm

    Oct 26
    Hailey Ceremony + Cocktail
    Chapel Creek Ranch

    Nov 17
    Henry Ceremony
    The Grand Ivory, Leonard @ 4:30pm

    December 1
    Bingham Ceremony
    The Pearl Royse City @ 3:30pm