The Electric Violin Lady


Do you teach lessons?

Yes, but I’m not currently accepting new students at this time

How do I book you?

  1. Check my availability by providing the date, start time, and end time of your event

  2. If available, I will reach out to you and send you a proposal from Honeybook, an online booking system

  3. If all looks good, you will sign the contract and pay the deposit to secure the date.

  4. The balance of payment is due month before your wedding day (or before).

How much do you charge?

$400 and Up. Most of my pricing is here and if you need more information, please reach out to me with all the available details about your event so I can give you a more accurate quote.

Can I choose my own music?

For a wedding prelude and ceremony, yes, ALWAYS.

For cocktail hour and corporate events, let’s chat because there may be an extra fee involved to cover prep time.

Can you record the songs I’d like to hear

Yes, but it would be for a fee to cover the cost of rehearsal and studio time

Do you attend rehearsals?

No, unless maybe the wedding will be recorded for television.

Please note: travel and performance fees will probably be associated with attending a rehearsal.

Do you perform with other singers or musicians?

Yes, but please let me know, before booking, if you would like me to perform with a singer, DJ, band, or another musician, so we can be sure to work through all the details to work out pricing, rehearsals, and other logistics.

What time will you arrive?

I arrive at least one hour before the ceremony begins. Set up takes 5-10 minutes.  

For corporate events, I will follow the load-in and sound check schedule, if applicable. Please provide this info while booking if possible.

How will the music flow?

Typical Wedding:
Prelude: 30 minutes, or 10-12 songs of your choice while guests arrive
Processional: Officiant, Groom, Family, Bridal Party, Bride, usually 2-3 songs
Recessional: 1 song
Postlude: 1 song, optional
Communion or Candle-lighting: 1 song, optional
Cocktail hour: 20-25 songs

*All music can be looped to extend or faded out to shorten  
**If you want to time your entrance to a song, let me know and I can work with you on making sure you are in sync with the part of the music you want to walk out on.  

What do you need from me?

To help make sure the flow of your music goes as smoothly as possible, I like to be clear on the timeline and confirm a point-person, like a coordinator,  to work with on the following queues.

1. Ceremony is ready to begin

2. Bride is ready to come down the aisle

Sometimes, the queue would be knowing that the officiant is going to walk up to the altar. Or, maybe you can designate a person to give me a thumbs up once the bride is in position and ready for her song.

And, I’d like to know your song selections one month before your ceremony date, if possible.

What sound equipment do you use?

What sound or power needs do you have for your electric violin?

An electrical outlet which can handle 60 watts and is away from open flame and direct sun. Also, the amp will need to be away from moisture, dripping or splashing liquids.

For extreme temperatures, please note: Sound equipment will be only expected to work properly between 0 °C [32 °F] to 35 °C [95 °F].

What are the advantages of using an electric violin?

  • less likely to go out of tune in extreme temperatures

  • more ability to control volume, whether soft or loud

  • more ability to mix with background music

  • more ability to control the acoustics in venues with poor acoustics

  • more project ability in outdoor space

What do you wear?

I try to dress formal, e.g., wear a long gown, unless it’s crazy hot. In very cold temperatures (below 60 °F) I’ll probably also wear a black or camel colored coat.